Quality Portable Air Conditioning Units in London

No home, office or emergency is the same. Whether it is a burst pipe or a leaking roof we can provide de-humidifiers to help you cope. Chilly Pepper Hire can provide both pre-booked and emergency solutions within London and the South East at an affordable price.


De Humidifiers

If you need to dry out an office or domestic room after flooding or a leak, we can supply a range of solutions for dehumidification. All of our portable air conditioners have a de-humidification mode. They are particularly effective, as they produce hot air which can be directed onto the damp area, speeding up drying. Evaporated humidity in the air is then conveniently collected in a bucket for disposal therefore you do not need cumbersome long water pipes to the outside. We can also supply dedicated de-humidifiers.

We make it easy for you – our 3 step system is quick and simple and we can deliver on the same day! HIRE YOUR DE-HUMIDIFICATION UNIT NOW!

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